Tuesday, 7 October 2008

World of Beckam

My Beckham News blog is on a blogspot domain, this was my first venture into niche blogging, but was not successful enough to merit purchasing a domain. I experimented with monetising ideas, but my overall conclusion is that there is too much competition in this particular niche. I was not prepared to open up the niche to include gossip rather than soccer content, hence it does not really get as much traffic as I had hoped.
Having said that, the blog has some subscribers and is maintained out of interest rather than out of profitability... I have used this blog to help develop some techniques, I was offered help by a banner designer who was interested in the content. This designer went on to design a banner for this blog and also one of my other blogs.
Sport is one of those topics which also allows you to monetise on text-links, the blog currently has a PR of 1 and could probably be developed with more inbound links.

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