Thursday, 21 February 2008

Arizona Web design from Primeview

Having an online business can easily turn from being a part-time hobby into a full-time all-consuming task once you start looking at all the elements of running a website. As a sole-trader you will find yourself responsible for the design of the site and the coding (if required), maybe database manipulation or even finding a suitable e-commerce solution. You are also responsible for having the vision to drive your business forward, you will have to do all the marketing and all the SEO…. The list never ends. If you’re starting from scratch like me, then you probably have a demanding full-time job too.
One word of warning if you seriously want to make your online business work – if you want to gain people’s confidence, then first impressions count and you should consider employing the services of a professional outfit to design your website. The bottom line is that if your website doesn’t look ‘Web 2.0’, a lot of potential clients will just click straight out and back to the search engines results.
I came across this Arizona web design company recently who offer web design services integrated with search engine optimisation. Of course the first thing you want to know is how they can improve your website, and they have this really cool before and after gallery that demonstrates how they have been able to improve existing websites. They have an impressive portfolio, and I recommend seriously considering a service like ‘Primeview’ if you are thinking about bringing a professional look to your own website.

Friday, 15 February 2008

eCommerce solution from Ashop

Ashop is a well-established affordable ecommerce software for your website. More and more people are buying online nowadays as they are starting to trust the internet more and more as a shopping tool. Every Christmas, the proportion of shoppers who use the internet gets higher and higher, and every website can cash in on the trend with their own shopping cart software.
Why choose Ashop then? Well Ashop is affordable and flexible to meet all your requirements to be seamlessly integrated into your website. At the same time, all the code is securely hosted on their servers, so you don’t even need a hosting package that includes coding language support and database hosting – all of that is taken care of by Ashop. Prices start from under $40 (£20) a month, and you can try the system for 10 days completely free…
Just imagine your web site visitors being able to just browse your site and add products to their shopping cart online and going to the checkout, paying for their products without any fuss. All types of payment are catered for and seamlessly integrated into the software. Just take a look at some of the features…
All in all, this software ticks all the boxes, provides a product that can grow with your website and provides excellent levels of support. If you’re looking for ecommerce software, I would recommend Ashop as a great place to start…

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Time for another survey

It seems that earnings from the dNeero survey are dependent on the number of impressions that they get which is another good reason to drive more traffic to my blogs. I have considered traffic exchange, but would need to ensure that I removed google adsense from my blogs first.
I don't make much on adsense with blogs compared with my other sites, so it would be no great loss... although to be fair when I do get the occasional click, it usually pays better then the other clicks I get.
The latest survey was again quick and easy to do, will pay money and is easy to post in a blog for when you've run out of things to say.... dNeero want their users to find customers who want surveys to be completed, and will pay for clients that you bring in - here's the survey:

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dot Com for seven bucks...

This week I went 'Dot Com' on another blog, Go Daddy have dot com domains for something like $9.95 a year with a reduction if you can find an advert with a special code (I found mine at the Hot Dog truck...). The total cost was something like $7.15, and for that you get the domain for a year, plus either a holding page or you can have a five-page website using their 'website tonight' software.
I used 'website tonight' to set up a Java re-direct from '' to ''. Then pointed the DNS to google (they host 'blogspot' blogs), I logged into '' and entered the details of my own domain... and Hey Presto I am a step nearer to pro-blogger status with my very own domain.
I was inspired to tidy up the blog using a few new graphics and updating the whole theme to a level befitting the new domain. The blogger template had reverted to default settings so quite a few tweaks were required.... I rounded it all off with a new mini banner Munny4Hunny, all I have to do now is re-register with all the blog and social sites that I use....!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

dNeero surveys for bloggers

I have just signed up for a new paid survey service - this is open for UK bloggers as well as US bloggers and they pay a few dollars per survey if you paste the survey widget on your blog - they even pay you a small amount if you don't display the widget.
Payout is at $20, and surveys I have seen pay up to around $3, and you could take five surveys a day if they were available... meaning you could earn your $20 in a few days.
You can participate by clicking on the widget below...