Thursday, 30 October 2008

New SEO tricks (new to me anyway)

"There is nothing new under the sun" is one of my favourite sayings, but I am going to gamble that there are sufficient people around who may not have come across these specific search operands, I only came across them the other day:
When researching keywords hoping to maximise the keyword placing on your site, how useful would it be to know:
  1. those web pages that have title tags containing your search term
  2. those pages whose backlink anchor-text includes your search term
Well those searches can be done using the Google search operands allintitle and allinanchor, in the following formats:
[no space between the colon and the keywords.]
Open up a google search and try this for some of your search terms and see what you come up with - all this helps to focus on the keywords that visitors might use and your competitiors have not yet latched onto. The way I would be using this is to see if I could exploit the terms that return fewer results.

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