Thursday, 16 August 2007

If you like this, you'll love.....

Finally up and running and in 'pre-launch' for beta-testing (official launch 20th August 2007)
Please visit and browse around - there's stuff about SEO like on this blog (VERY like what's on this blog...) and other stuff on making money online and reviews and links to free software - something for everyone....
There are other sections planned, but they're under wraps for now. Future developments will be posted here - never mind the pagerank..... ( I think I have been penalised for my viral linking...ha ha)
If you have any comments about the site, leave them here or mail me via the site itself - let me know if you think there are topics that you think Livewyre.NET should address in the future.
LiVEWYRE.NET - Bringing the internet to life - catchy huh?

Monday, 6 August 2007

Labelling posts

In an effort to make this blog more user-friendly, I have tidied up the post 'labels' and installed the blogspot label-list at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.
If you want to search using the labels that I have used for posts on this blogs, try the label list (a relatively new widget offered by blogspot). If you want to do this on your own blogspot blog, then go to 'edit template' from your dashboard and then 'add a page element', the label list is an option offered here.
My advice would be to tidy up your labels before using this widget, removing or replacing labels that only appear once.