Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Credit Cruncher

This Credit Crunch blog is my proudest blogging achievement so far, I have used the extent of my blogspot knowledge to customise this template as far as I can. Many of the usual blogspot traits have been removed including the post dates and 'posted by' labels etc.. I have added some neat 'digg' and 'stumble upon' widgets - in fact this blog opened my eyes to the power of stumble upon. This blog has had a custom-made header provided by an internet associate which has meant that I haven't had to rely on my own questionable design skills.
The blog gets plenty of traffic compared with some of my other projects, is a PR2 and actually yields some adsense earnings, so as far as niche blogging goes, it has proved reasonably profitable. Inspiration for posts comes from the news every day so there is no shortage of subject matter. My schooling has included a certain amount of economics which has helped to provide some background information.
I have tried to keep a consistent design policy and have used linking at the bottom of each post to try to link the whole 'site' together. My philosophy has been to attempt to create a blog that looked more like a website and to give it quality content. I tend to use forum posting to drive traffic to the blog as questions about the credit crunch are reasonably common.

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