Sunday, 4 November 2007

Enlightened about lamps

Today I learned a new word ‘torchiere’ I was intrigued and followed the link to end up on where they sell all types of lamps for use in the home or garden. It turns out that torchieres are a kind of standard lamp, but the type which is also an up-lighter… (see the photograph)

Farreys have an extensive range of lamps including desk lamps and floor lamps along with outdoor lamps for your deck or for wall-mounting. They have a neat search tool with drop-down menus so that you can quickly find all the products available in either wide or narrow search terms. You can search by brand and by price, you can specify the style, finish and application.

There are thousands of products to sort through on this site, and they are not limited to lighting, you can also find air purifiers, cooker hoods and many other products for the home and garden. Stock items are shipped in 1 or 2 days within the US, and all forms of payment are accepted. All that remains is for you to visit yourself….

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