Friday, 16 November 2007

Beckham News - a review

For football fans in the UK, there has been a dearth of information about how David Beckham has been getting on in the USA at LA Galaxy. A blog has been set up to chart the progress of the ex-England captain as he attempts to highlight soccer to the USA public.
The aims of the blog are strictly sports-related, with no mention of posh-spice anywhere to be seen (might have missed a trick there - but this is a principled serious attempt to report news not fluff).
The blog reports on all games that Beckham has played in, the injuries, the England team where it impacts on Beckham and follows the story leading up to the European Championships in 2008.
Once the internationals are over, there are a series of exhibition matches and charity matches to report on, but don't forget, this blog won't be talking about the effect LA has on Beckham, but the effect Beckham is having on the pitch....

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