Wednesday, 13 December 2006

web management

As a 'sole-trader' getting a website up and running you have to do all the jobs yourself (if you are starting small with no capital). This means not so much 'chief cook and bottle-washer' but webmaster, designer, accountant, administrator, researcher - and that's just the website, never mind running the service that you are offering on the web.
The only way around this issue is prioritisation and attacking one issue at a time. You can't do everything at once and if you try it you'll end up in a mess. Make a long list of stuff you want to/ need to do and allocate each task to a phase.
for example: Phase one tasks would be a basic website design, working on a name and logo, working out price lists etc.. Phase two might be finding the best webhosting package, looking into google 'adsense' etc.. Phase three might be uploading the site and getting friends to beta-test the site functions.
Once you have worked out this plan, review it on a regular basis and tick off the tasks as you go along. At the lowest moments, being able to see what you have completed so far should be an encouragement....
Your plan will inevitably change, but you need a base to start from anyhow. Having written this, I am now encouraged to get out my original plan to see how far I have come against what I was expecting, and see how much the priorities have changed. The next thing will be to do a new one for the coming year.

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