Wednesday, 13 December 2006


I have been having some interesting results from google adsense. Adsense provides targetted adverts for my website - matching keywords from the site with advertisers keywords (Adwords). I have been impressed with the effectiveness of this service and the way that highly relevant ads are displayed on my pages, just waiting for my visitors to click on them. I have gone with the blatant style so they look like adverts, but used colour to integrate them into the site. Some users favour 'hiding' the adverts within the text so they look like part of the body text...not my style really... I'm not trying to hide anything, though I concede more visitors might click if I took a different approach. (Adsense users earn a small variable amount when a visitor clicks on an advert)
When I first got adsense on my site, I was averaging 10cents a day revenue, well I'm not going to be able to retire on that! After a few weeks, the average was climbing nicely to around 60 cents a day. My interesting episode started with a sudden jump up to $2.30 one morning as the result of only 5 clicks...I started to get quite excited by this (I wish I knew which advert was generating the income...) and by the end of the day, I had $2.77 after about 8 clicks. The other side of the story was that I had no clicks at all for the next three days... Strangely I got 3 cents added to my account over these three days even though there were apparently no clicks. I had plenty of visitors over these days, so my earning should have been around my usual average.
I note that often the adverts are the last thing to load on a page, so if there was a problem with the server, it could be that the adverts weren't loading before the visitor had already moved on??
I may look into scripting that can change the way my page loads up...

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