Sunday, 24 December 2006

SEO - content

There are a whole load of considerations when you are looking to optimise a web site for search engine rankings. The first thing you have to look at is simply content. Your content must be good and plentiful, referring to all the keywords you want to highlight. Think about different ways to say the same thing without being overly repetitive. Whatever else you plan to do to promote your web rankings, your content has to be the best it can be. Do loads of research around your topic and keep updating the site regularly. Search engines will be interested in a site that is regularly updated and start to visit that site more regularly. Add to your content and add more pages to add depth to your site, link the pages well to ensure that all the content is picked up by search engine ‘bots’. However, don’t ‘bury’ your pages in subfolders, keep everything either in the root, or not more than two folders away. EG:…. But no further..More pointers to follow on this topic.

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