Monday, 8 February 2010

Earnings update

My secret SEO project...
Has no PageRank
....yet is ranked No.1 in Google UK searches and No.3 in global searches for it's main key phrase.
I have now earned £19.16 in contextual adverts, and £7.39 from eBay partnership, so I have covered my initial outlay for hosting and have a few more months in which to turn a profit (I think I started in May 2009)
I have still not got added into BING searches which is a bit of a pain, but there doesn't seem to be much that I can do about it...
I am truly pleased that this project has broken even and will be even more delighted to move it to a free server later in the year making it far more profitable. I don't suppose it will ever yield much more than £50 per annum even with a fair wind behind it, but I am assuming that if I build some similar niche sites that all link together, I can generate a few hundred pounds. Once the project is completed, it will just sit there making small amounts of money for me, and I can move on to other projects...
I never expected this to be hugely profitable, but I am interested in how all these things work, so the experience at least is invaluable. I hope to produce future projects which will draw on all this experience, each time hopefully the projects will generate further income.

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