Saturday, 19 December 2009

Early Christmas Present

Position No.1 achieved..
It's just in UK google, but I am pretty pleased with acheiving a No.1 search result for my chosen keyword this week (which I'm afraid I will still not be revealing anytime soon...). I am still getting position 3 in, but as my target 'audience' is UK users (to match my eBay affiliates which are aimed at UK users), I would rather have a better result in the UK.
I don't suppose that I will retain this position long-term although the older the domain becomes, the better chance I will have - just to stress a point though - the site I am referring to has NO PageRank.
  • Question: Can you achieve position 1 without PageRank?
  • Answer: Yes!
There are reports that Google has started to make some major search engine changes recently, making some fundemental changes in the way that search results are compiled. Whether this success is as a result of these changes (and therefore more likely to be a long term effect) or just a coincidence will become clearer in time.

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