Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dot Com for seven bucks...

This week I went 'Dot Com' on another blog, Go Daddy have dot com domains for something like $9.95 a year with a reduction if you can find an advert with a special code (I found mine at the Hot Dog truck...). The total cost was something like $7.15, and for that you get the domain for a year, plus either a holding page or you can have a five-page website using their 'website tonight' software.
I used 'website tonight' to set up a Java re-direct from 'http://munny4hunny.com' to 'http://www.munny4hunny.com'. Then pointed the DNS to google (they host 'blogspot' blogs), I logged into 'http://www.munny4hunny.blogspot.com' and entered the details of my own domain... and Hey Presto I am a step nearer to pro-blogger status with my very own domain.
I was inspired to tidy up the blog using a few new graphics and updating the whole theme to a level befitting the new domain. The blogger template had reverted to default settings so quite a few tweaks were required.... I rounded it all off with a new mini banner Munny4Hunny, all I have to do now is re-register with all the blog and social sites that I use....!

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