Friday, 13 April 2007

Write About Us – free linking

We discussed getting your site indexed via linking to another site with a higher PR in the post entitled SEO - Indexing .One site offering such a service is Write About Us , they offer free or paid links to websites and blogs. In exchange, you are required to write an article about them – a return link is appreciated but not a requirement. Write About Us will post your URL on their front page for as long as it takes to get 60 more submissions, as soon as you become link no. 61 on the page, you drop off the end. If you go for the paid service, there are 100 links and they are arranged in order of the highest bid. They even supply you with ‘resources’ you can quote so that you don’t even have to tax your brain too much. It’s a no-brainer, why wouldn’t you do it? Read more about it here

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