Thursday, 5 April 2007


Now, it occurs to me that I have liberally discussed Adsense here and on other blogs and forums without really explaining how Adwords (it’s ‘other half’) operates. Most bloggers would just be interested in the potential earnings from Adsense and by-pass the whole Adwords program. It actually helps to know what Adwords is about as this is really the engine that drives Adsense.
Advertisers choose keywords that are linked to the service or product that they are offering. The keywords are ranked in popularity and you pay for the words you want. For instance if you were selling house insurance, you would no doubt find that the keyword ‘insurance’ will have been subject to a bidding war and costs for this particular keyword will be very high. What do you get for this charge? You generally customise a simple advert box with a few limited lines of text and your URL. When your search keyword is entered into Google search (and other related search engines), your advert will be displayed. The most common form is the advert box on the right-hand side of the search page, but you can also buy space at the top of the search page.
It pays to be clever about choosing your keywords and Adwords can even automatically search your site and generate a list of possible keywords for you. So, to take our example of house insurance, the bidding on the phrase ‘house insurance’ will probably be lower, but still significant. It pays to think laterally, how about ‘house cover’… Where Adsense comes in is that these same Adwords adverts are the ones that appear in Adsense banners all over the internet and especially in blogs. Knowing how Adwords works may be the key to getting Adsense to work for you

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