Monday, 5 February 2007

SEO - Google overview...

Google is not limited to business use, but you will get more business than from any other search engine.
Search Technique:
Google is ‘interested’ in density of information and quantity of repeated words – each word is a ‘vote’ as far as the search engine is concerned. Google uses a ‘deep search’ technique requiring substantial information – associated (reciprocal) links will improve your Google. The search engine will follow all the links around the host website looking for links back and forth, and will follow links to other websites – the information which it encounters along the way will add to your rating if there is a return link to your own website.
To improve repeatability and to provide a bigger network of links (and thus a higher rating) include a glossary of terms (ie a page opening links up in a separate window explaining words appearing in the main website). Also use a site map with links to each page and corresponding links on each page back to the site map. This may seem over-kill, but it WILL ultimately increase your rating.
Google will also index the media it finds on web sites, calling the pictures by their proper names rather than default jpeg names. Ie: ‘ford_Capri.jpeg’ rather than ‘SMG0036.jpeg’ - Results of media searches reinforce the overall rating (be careful of using too much media on the homepage as download time will also affect your rating).
The ALT tags (box that comes up when your mouse passes over a picture) can also be scanned by search engines.
It is important that the title of your homepage is relevant to your market – this is what the searcher will see in the search results – Your homepage title should probably read something along the lines of a short ‘mission statement’ otherwise the first x number of words of body text will be displayed which may not capture the essence of the site.

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