Sunday, 25 February 2007

Page ranking on my website

Mixed blessings today, I noted a few days ago that my website , not THIS blog...was showing google ranking of 2/10 on some pages rather than the initial '1' which seemed to take so long to acheive! However, my home page is still 1/10. There are elements of my website that get increased traffic as I actively post URLs here and there on the internet - these are not necessarily my home page, so I assume the extra ranking point is due to the traffic these pages get. My aim is to get to 3 or 4/10 as I think this seems to be the average for reasonable sites (I'm not THAT ambitious!!). If you want to know the rankings for your own pages, download the google toolbar and enable the page rank icon. This will then report a page rank for every page you visit - might be a bit of an eye-opener!The pages on my site that get the higher ranking are my :'DIY' section, my download page, and my section concentrating on microphones. To be honest I don't drive THAT much traffic to the 'studio' section, so that one came as a bit of a surprise, however I can also report that this section of the site appears to yeild a better price per adsense click which makes me think I should try and drive more traffic there!!

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