Thursday, 2 September 2010

SEO made simple

Having recently 'published' a series on SEO on of my other blogs (admittedly, I should have done it on this one, but I needed content over there..), I recently discovered a really well-written free ebook on the subject, provided by Marcus Miller at Bowler Hat Solutions. 17 pages of valuable SEO information available in exchange for your email address is not a bad deal at all... Marcus also provides free information on how to plan a website, in fact the Bowler Hat Solutions site is geared up with all sorts of good free information for web-site builders.
As it turns out, providing good information is one of his key strategies, and his site certainly does just that.
So, once you have read my series on SEO (and possibly the one on getting organic traffic...), I recommend that you also download a copy of the guide by Marcus. Acting on these relatively simple hints and tips is sure to have a positive affect on any project you may be involved in.

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