Monday, 22 June 2009

Traffic is building well...

Traffic is coming from somewhere..
I am happy to report that traffic is arriving at my new site, but I accidentally removed my Google Analytics tracking code so I will have to wait to see where it is coming from. It's easy to do - I had inserted the code into my template so that all the pages will have it, then because I was updating the site from two different computers, I had accidentally made a change to an old template (without the code) and then applied it across the site removing the tracking code from each page in one swoop. A reminder to me to make sure I download the entire site before making any changes (not too much of a task as I am just running on 9 pages at the moment).
I have not had many adsense clicks as yet, but have earned my first bit of commission from the eBay partnership. Sadly though I was turned down for fixed ads for violation of rules - the only thing I can think of which may have offended them was the duplication of information from other sites. I have some technical specs for items on there which have been copied from elsewhere, so I am guessing that it might be those that has denied me the chance to use this site for fixed ads - either that or they didn't like the affiliate ads that I have on there at the moment.
Now I have the tracking code back in the site, I will be able to find out where my traffic is coming from, but I will need more traffic if I am going to successfully monetise this thing...

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