Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Project developments

Brief Update
I have yet to work out a strategy to bring in a lot of traffic, but so far I have been pleased with the steady trickle of traffic I have been getting to the new site. I even switched off my free 'Bidvertiser' PPC campaign to see if I was getting 'organic' traffic and I am pleased to report that Google is sending me visitors and my SERP seems stable at No.6 on page one.
This has spurred me on to try and get a more 'finished' look to the site and add some more specific content that should attract very specific search results.
To add to my traffic, I have had Adsense clicks in the last two days running which is encouraging, however the payouts were small so I am hoping to be able to generate a lot more clicks to boost overall Adsense revenue.
I am suspending the PPC campaign for a while until I have tidied up the site and given it a bit more well-deserved attention... at least I have something to show for the effort although I will need considerably more to break even.

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