Friday, 4 July 2008

Domain names

I have bought several domain names this year and one of the frustrating things about starting a new website is the 'sandbox' factor where Google does not attribute any pagerank to the site for several months until it can judge that the domain is being used properly.
Hence many people will pay higher prices for aged domains especially where they already have a good pagerank.
I came across an SEO website today which has a very well-written article about how important the age of a domain is, and the age of it's content and links in SEO terms.
The author of this site, Stephen shares a lot of his SEO knowledge with his visitors and offers a good deal of sound advice.
You would be well-advised to spend some time looking around his SEO website and picking up some hints and tips that you can use to promote our own site.

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David Singer said...

As far as the latest news goes on google pagerank, less stress is being put on page rank than before.
If you have find a niche in a crowded and very competitive market, you can easily find your way out of the sand box withot the need to have validated incoming links. You can even have incoming links with no page rank but make sure that those links are relevant to your subject or you may find yourself in the sandbox forever.