Sunday, 29 June 2008

Free RSS widget

I recently needed to display an RSS feed of a forum on a website, so Googled for 'free RSS widget', up popped Feedflash. The widget is customisable for size and colours, and the widget-making page will even locate your RSS feed from just the URL of the site...
I have since created another three of these on separate blogs, each one promoting another one of my blogs. My thinking is that maybe the readers from one blog might be attracted by the stories on one of my other blogs...
I recently started a new site called TheCreditCruncher, here are the latest stories displayed using Feedflash:

So far, there are just a few posts published, but I have a couple more articles to be added this week, and should have no trouble adding to the content. I have customised the colours to match this blog and have widened the standard widget, this can all be done very easily - why not try it?

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