Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Watch out for WetPaint…

I was recently introduced to the concept of CMS (Content Management Software) which enables non-expert users to customise the content of a website. This is a very appealing idea, and on reading a little more, I discovered that ‘Wiki’ is actually a content management system (as used in a popular on-line encyclopedia…), and one step on from that… Wetpaint is (paraphrasing their words..) Wiki made easy…
Assuming that a CMS like wiki interests you (and it should..), then Wetpaint provides an easy route to get involved, a means to create an informative and interactive site quickly and efficiently.
I have been thinking along the lines of forums and directories to boost interest and rankings for a niche that I want to exploit, and using wiki and Wetpaint might just be the key I need to bring everything I want together under one umbrella. This type of development (It’s not new, they’ve been around since 2005 which is ancient in WWW terms) could be the key to exploding Web 2.0 for those who don’t have the technical know-how to build a whiz-bang site (that’s me…)
What’s more, Wetpaint will provide free private wiki’s for clubs and organisations that want to engage in online discussions and share files, music and information.
I admit that I am only just starting to get interested in CMS, but I can see that this will explode like blogging once it takes hold and that all kinds of future web-based activity will be done this way. I would recommend getting in on the ground floor and learning a little more about this concept – and what better way than knocking up a site a Wetpaint just to prove how easy it is. I can see wiki taking over where blogging leaves off…..
If Wetpaint is new to you (it was to me...), then rest assured it is already very well established with over 750,000 social sites up and running, they are developing along social lines right on target with current trends. Their whole concept feels very community-based, much more so than blogging communities. With Wetpaint you feel like you are immediately part of a community before you have even created your site, whereas with blogging, you create your blog first and then seek a community to interact with.

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