Thursday, 27 March 2008

New projects

You may have noticed that things don't stay static on the web... Some things last, but in internet terms a year is a long long time.. Consequently internet users are always changing direction and tactics. I started with a website which does nicely for me:
Livewyre Studio - turning cassettes into CD's - I then started this blog to talk about the development of the site and get some backlinks. I also got interested in the revenue raised by Adsense and started a 'DIY' section of the website and drove traffic to it primarily to see if I could get a return from advertising.
I also joined MyLot and various other social sites and got involved in the mmmtalk forum and became a moderator. I started another blog called Munny4Hunny in order to explore the possibility of earning through paid to post schemes. I have recently bought a dot com domain for Munny4Hunny, but would choose to do this much earlier if I started another blog.
I started a new website at: Livewyre.NET to post articles about SEO and free software etc.. I also dragged a few other people in to write articles so that it is not just my views expressed. I started another blog as a traffic experiment called Beckham News and I am slowly and steadily building traffic organically for this blog - no paid posting on that blog unless I can find posts that fit exactly with my niche. I am considering developing a new blog (with a dot com) that I will reveal when it has been set up, this will leave me stretched on other projects, but I also have plans for a new website (not blog) which I think may encompass a niche directory AND a forum - these developments should give me plenty to write about here as I will be actively 'website building' over the next few months. The only problem is that there is plenty of development work to be done on other sites... Time and task management will be crucial, so I am going to get my pencil out and start planning with some real targets

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