Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Google polices the internet

I was using my Google webmaster tools today when I noticed a link that I have not seen before 'report paid links' is what it said (I'm not sure if this link will work if you don't have a webmaster tools account - but if you don't - get one!!). Curious I clicked on it and there is a form giving me the opportunity to 'snitch' on someone who uses paid links to gain PageRank.
This is a fantastic way to destroy the effectiveness of your competitors websites!! (this comment loaded with ironic sarcasm - I'm not sure that there is an emoticon for that!). Personally I don't pay for links to my main website although I have linked from wherever I can including my own blogs, yet mysteriously my PR dropped from 3 to 2 and then 0 recently. (Not a blog, but a 'proper' website offering genuine information and a service to my clients). Have I been targetted by a competitor?? I was getting good search results for keywords, so maybe I have? I think that PR changes lately are all related to perceived paid linking, so it does seem a bit odd that this site with good stable content (and no paid links) has suddenly dropped PageRank completely - and I don't suppose there is any point in me complaining to the big G!!

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Social Network Web Design said...

A lot is actually baffled by Google's system in determining page rank of a site. Many have experienced a drop in their PR from 6 down to 0. Some have paid and sponsored articles on their site so they suspect that might be the reason for the sudden drop, but others don't have any paid articles on their site.