Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Three way linking

I have been working to raise the profiles of some websites using blog posts recently, a couple of examples of which you will find posted here. As you may be aware, blog posts are a good way to build up backlinks to websites whether they be blogs or not.
I apologise if you were surprised to find foreign language posts here and hope that it does not put you off reading the blog... Website promotion through off-page optimisation is very difficult to achieve and blog posts with their ever-changing content are a good way to gain backlinks quickly. the best way to do this is to find a blog relevant to your website and offer a link exchange - Normally this would be beneficial for both parties involved in a reciprocal link, but there is a better way. Three way linking gets you a link from a specific site, but instead of a reciprocal link between the two sites, you use a different site to link back. WHY?? Well having a one-way link gives you more 'authority' in terms of SEO than if the link is exchanged. In simple terms, if the link is two-way, the sites are regarded as 'equal' - if you have them linking to you and no apparent return link, your site is seen as having a higher standing. The 'return' link then comes from a third site - this site the apparently endorses the site that linked to you without the 'authority' being diluted:


Rachel said...

Thanks for that - I never understood the advantages of three way linking before.

bondan said...

thank,s for info