Thursday, 19 July 2007

Lack of postings

Now if this was supposed to be a dynamic blog, it would have failed in it's objective - I should explain what I set out to do and why this blog is relatively static..
The intention was to fill a blog with a lot of helpful pointers for SEO and general website hints and tips. I haven't been researching the subject as much as I would like, and when I have, I tend to post at my more active blog
- What I have been doing though, is gathering information for my new domain which will carry a lot of the same sort of information, but will be hosted as a 'proper' website. I am not ready to launch yet, but will certainly post here when it is....
I will probably take some time to tidy up this blog and hopefully make it easier to navigate - please treat this site as more of a static resource rather than expecting a load of fresh material. If you have any comments, I will respond usually within 24 hours....

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