Thursday, 15 March 2007

SEO - blogging

Techniques for SEO apply as much to blogs as they do to websites, but depending on your front-end editor, some techniques such as tagging are a bit tricky as you generally have to be able to edit the HTML if you use a service such as
The other side of SEO in relation to blogging, is that you can use a blog to promote your own website and get some reciprocal linking going. The theory is that regularly updated blogs are 'attractive' to the google search engine and may be in a better position to gain page ranking points than a website.
There is a vast blogging community and it is much much easier to get people to link to your blog than it is to get them to link to a commercial website. I am using two blogs - check the link to my 'other blog', and I am going to post another couple of links that you may find useful: - exchange links and submit your blog to be reviewed
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Andy Coates said...

Hi, i came to your site through the review exchange on Ja Kel Daily dot come and was wondering if you may be interested in my link exchange program? Whin £10 for reviewing my blog!

Fulldetails here

All the best


LiVEWYRE said...

Hi Andy
I did your review on munny4hunny - I didn't spot your post here until today...
did I win????? did I, did I???